Romantic Pornography

Yes, women actually masturbate! Happy orgasming.

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So we’d kind of like a logo, if any budding designers would like to make one we’d be thrilled. Speak to us before you make it, we’d feel guilty if loads of people created one.. :) 

1 year ago, 22 notes
  1. letsgetlust said: oops wrong post…
  2. gray-plague said: for the pink background?
  3. composed-curiosity said: I’m interested. Check out my design blog and personal for some of my work: and
  4. seemeinacrownandsuspenders said: I would like to create one.
  5. warmontheinside said: I’m a design student. Any ideas?
  6. whisperingghosts said: I would! My art is on my page if you want a look.
  7. bipedalbear said: yes please???? what you want? :D :D
  8. livingasana said: id be down~email me with what you are looking for, colors/black and white/image/what kind of feeling you want the font to say…
  9. absinthebaby said: Hi porn4ladies!! I’d love to create a logo for you guys! I do have a tumblr of my work: so if you wanna check that first just in case I’m not really what you’re looking for :)
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