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Yes, women actually masturbate! Happy orgasming.

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Have you ever made a sex tape?

1 year ago, 242 notes
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    one day.
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  4. gardensoftime answered: Not yet ;)
  5. the-fabulous-mr-fox answered: I have never made one. But my ex use to video me going down on her or having sex with her with her iphone.
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  7. mexicanradiostar answered: Does digital recording count :| Then Yes!!
  8. a-beige-existence answered: yes
  9. betterthanbrigitte answered: does giving my roommate a blowjob on my waterproof camera count
  10. nz69 answered: no
  11. thekkgb answered: indeed, we couldn’t stop laughing it at. seening yourself have sex is the oddest thing.
  12. panther0302 answered: Yes
  13. premiumstuffz answered: not yet
  14. memimcontigo answered: yes, but a very terrible one, and I deleted it after
  15. johnniboi2110 answered: hell yes
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  17. ilikelongsleeves answered: not yet
  18. terrychristerrybart answered: not yet, working towards it
  19. kayleighxklawz answered: on a cell phone. then crushed the phone in the middle of the street when we broke up.
  20. stewinjohnny2gunsmalone answered: Not yet ;)
  21. bubirubambam answered: nop
  22. mister-cuddlesworth said: Yup lots xD
  23. dirtyinside answered: nope
  24. tune-in answered: Never.. I’ve always thought about it. It’s like I’m all for it but then I forget about it in the heat of the moment.
  25. thevenndiagram answered: yes
  26. ayeebabyyitstaylor answered: definitely
  27. fwmammd answered: No… and never will.
  28. wolfphenom answered: no but want to
  29. sexyhipsters answered: nope.
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  31. sayedmousavi answered: Yes I have 2 sex tapes