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Yes, women actually masturbate! Happy orgasming.

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Are you wild, trimmed, designer or fully shaven?

1 year ago, 294 notes
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    I love the replies to this.
  3. letsgetlust answered: wild
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  5. twicethepatron answered: fully shaven
  6. revolverknight answered: trimmed
  7. eroticapalpable answered: Wild.
  8. perfect-generation answered: wild ;)
  9. dustybrown answered: Fully smooth
  10. always-keep-w4lking answered: Fully Shaven (:
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    Fully shaven.
  12. cookeye answered: wild
  13. thegarnetdoor answered: Designer - J
  14. fwmammd answered: Bald… and very soft.
  15. welcometothedarksideuly answered: fully shaven.
  16. madeleinemoriarty answered: wild
  17. ink-splash answered: It varies…
  18. belespoir answered: Fully shaved
  19. upintheforest answered: wild
  20. castigl1 answered: wild XD
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  22. sashagreytomandoumdrink answered: wild
  23. ganjahgirls answered: wild! <3
  24. szamocalekvar answered: fully
  25. meddlr answered: I’m Hitler! :P
  26. act-animal answered: trimmed
  27. bropro1973 answered: wild
  28. tomtekatt answered: wild~
  29. tytycutiepie answered: fully shaven.
  30. blue-diamond-dinamite answered: I am god
  31. mandypoppins answered: trimmed. =)