Romantic Pornography

Yes, women actually masturbate! Happy orgasming.

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What ads website do you use?

This one, it’s pretty good. I make about $4 a day.

How do I submit?

Click here to submit and to read the guidelines. 

Do you post all submissions?

No, we get a lot of submissions and although we’d love to post them all we can’t. 

How do I submit a photo anonymously?

Just mention that you want to be anonymous when you submit, or log out beforehand. 

Which other blogs do you recommend?

Here is a good list as of 07/2014.

If I write to you privately will you answer privately?

Yes, private is kept private, and if it’s something really personal just tell me in the message.

How do I give a good blowjob?

This is good advice.

What is the name of the blog which buys panties?


Who made our logo?

amberehlerillustration did!

Are our followers sexy?